An AdminCheck evaluates a company's existing IT security in terms of protection and detection in Microsoft environments. Security Office performs a manual penetration test of the protection mechanisms by trying, in as many ways as possible, to obtain domain admin rights.

While the penetration test is being performed, existing detection mechanisms can be checked to determine whether the attacks are detected or go unnoticed. This way, both protection and detection aspects of the company's IT security are tested.

The result is a report describing the scenarios that lead to domain admin rights as well as all the identified vulnerabilities. The latter are risk-assessed according to CVSS 3.1, together with recommendations for appropriate countermeasures.

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Why AdminCheck?

By periodically performing AdminChecks in their Microsoft environments, our customers test the protection of their information assets as well as hone their ability to detect attacks.

With current threats like Ransomware, it is more important than ever to ensure effective IT security.


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